Culinary Walk: Bruges' medical history

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Brugse medische geschiedenis

"On spongia somnifera, physicians and barber surgeons."

A healthy walk through the wealthy history of medicine in Bruges. Everything about  diseases, hospitals, the Black Death and all medical practices in the 16th and 17th century will be revealed. Is there a link between surgeons and barbers? Was bloodletting allowed at full moon? Why did one hide morticians in the tower? Could a plague saint still be of some help?  During this walk, you will learn more about some of the most gruesome details of Bruges’ medical science, with fascinating stories about diseases,  hospitals and medical care at that time. Plenty of anecdotes and of course a snack and a drink to digest everything more easily. This tour can be organized around noon (start between 11h and 12h30) or in the evening (start between 17h30 and 19h), during the week or in weekends. This is not a set programme. Changes can be made.   
Duration: 3 to 4 hours   Price: starting from € 45 p.p.
Included: guide, aperitif or starter, main course, dessert or coffee/tea, matching drinks. (depending on the chosen budget). This walk also exists in a 'dessert-only' version (2 hours = € 15 p.p.). For groups consisting of fewer than 12 participants, a € 20 administration cost per participant needed to reach the minimum of 12 will be charged. The tour can be guided in Dutch, French, English, Spanish and German.

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