This challenge takes place in and around a restored farm that is purposely converted to cater for teambuilding activities. This mix of activities guarantees a healthy challenge atmosphere in your team. For instance: first there is a practical test in the potholing complex situated under the vaulting of the farm. You lead your team members through the pitch-dark corridors with only knocks as your tool. Joint effort and efficient communication are essential skills for this test. Next, the snipers amongst you can test their accuracy to within a fraction of an inch during a session of archery. Finally, a high rope circuit will test the team’s bravery and heighten the adrenaline level. Something a little different ? How about farmersgolf or ball shooting ? For those who want a more elaborate afternoon “on the farm“ we refer to the programme “Farmer Olympics”. This challenging activity can be easily combined with a rural buffet, BBQ and even an overnight stay on the meadow in tents that can be personalized. Start warming up your vocal cords for the campfire….