A sustainable city

Green cityHybrid bus project

We are very proud of the green character of our UNESCO Word Heritage City. Bruges is a lovely place to walk or cycle. All the historic monuments, congress locations and the many charming hotels are located only minutes from each other, enclosed by the magnificent green city ramparts. Moreover, Bruges's air quality is the best of all Flemish central places.

Our environmental policy has inspired many other Flemish towns. Thus, Bruges was the first city where hybrid city buses are operating and energy from the Alps is used in all the municipal buildings. The many efforts the Museums of Bruges, the hotels, the congress locations and the other congress services have made in the field of environmental protection have not remained unnoticed by the congress organizers.


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Brugge: A Fairtrade town

Bruges has recently been acknowledged as a Fairtrade Town or Fairtrade City. This means that the city of Bruges wants to contribute to a fair living for farmers in the south and for the sustainable producer in the north.

Pure airThe city tries to do their part in order to support fair trade by only serving fairtrade coffee, tea, fruit juice and wine. By taking these measures the City Council serves as an example to others.